Sokuhansha Co., Ltd. is manufacturer of screw gauges and custom-made screw gauge.
we made every screw gauge of trust based on reliable traceability as authentication based on manufacturer ISO9001

Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Gauge for Taper pipe Threads, JIS, NPT, NPTF, Special Thread Gauges, Ring Gauge

Limit screw gauge
[ISO method]
Limit screw gauge
[conventional JIS method]
Parallel limit pipe thread gauge
[G · PF]
Taper pipe thread gauge [R]

Taper thread gauge for tube [PT] Taper pipe thread gauge
Standard screw gauge
[JMAS standard]
Master ring gauge
Carbide master ring gauge

Zirconia ceramic master ring gauge Limit plain gauge
(plug gauge)
Half plug gauge
Carbide plug gauge plate
scissors gauge
Taper gauge
Tapered test bar